Creating Bundled Amazon Products

Step 1- Identify Some Potential Products

Many toner and ink products offer separate cartridges for each of the relevant colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and these products make for good bundles.

First, sort your Amazon Template file by the Seller SKU. Then look for SKUs that have the same general naming. The only difference will usually be the letter at the end of the SKU indicating color. It’s okay to add new products to your existing Amazon Template.

Next, insert a row just below the final product in the series, and then copy one of the items of the series into that blank row.

This will allow you to update content since the kit description will be very close to the individual items.

You’ll want to update the following columns:

Change the SKU to something unique, but related (In the example above, you might rename your SKU to (ABBREVIATION)-CBTN339-KIT) 

Your Store Name

Update the description to mention each of the products in the kit. Be clear that the product contains (x) number of each product 

Add your product’s price

While we encourage you to create an image that consolidates each of the individual products, you might also copy each of the individual product photos that already exist into these columns

This is a more in-depth version of Column F. Again, using the individual product description as a template, update the information about the bundle. Again, make sure you clearly state the kit contains (x) number of each product, and try to mention all the individual product numbers to help with search 

You’ll want to review the other columns and update as appropriate.

Step 2- Upload the Bundles to Amazon

Once you’ve got your bundles built, go through the upload process on Amazon. Uploading the full file will not duplicate products, but will only add products not previously added.

Step 3 – Update FBSW

You can update the SKU Translation in one of two ways. If you’re only adding one or two bundles, you might be better off adding translations directly.

  • Enter the new Amazon SKU, make sure your company is appearing in the Company dropdown, and choose ‘Create New’ from Selection.

  • Check the ‘Activate Amazon SKU’ checkbox
  • Enter each of the individual SW-SKUs for the products in the bundle and choose a quantity for each.
  • Click ‘Create’

If you’re adding more than a few, go into your SKU Translator CSV file and add the new Amazon SKU to the file. (It’s just as easy to add it to the bottom as to try and place it with the individual products, and won’t affect the upload)

  • Add the bundle by entering the Amazon SKU in the first column, followed by the SW SKU and quantity for each of the individual products included in the bundle.

  • Select ‘Click Here to Upload CSV File of Amazon SKU Records to Create’
  • Browse to the appropriate CSV file, and click ‘Upload’