Processing Amazon Returns

If you’re selling on the Amazon Marketplace, it’s inevitable you’ll have to process refunds from time to time. Here is a quick checklist for processing refunds:

Defective Products

To keep things as easy for Amazon customers, we encourage you to process “scrap returns” – the customer simply disposes of the defective merchandise, and you either send a replacement or process a refund.

Authorize the Return

Amazon will send you an email with the return request and ask you to authorize it. Since we’ll be processing this as a scrap return, go ahead and authorize the return, which will give you a chance to communicate with the customer. If the defective product is toner, there is a white label on the cartridge with some warranty information. If possible, ask the customer to send those numbers to you (or send a pic of the label).

If the customer is requesting a refund…

…go ahead and process the refund through Amazon, then contact your sales representative, let them know you’re processing a refund, and provide them with the warranty information if possible.

If the customer is requesting a replacement…

…don’t refund the money. Instead reach out to your sales representative and arrange to have a replacement product sent out.

Other Returns (e.g. wrong product, ordered too many, etc.)

Contact Your Sales Representative

Start by contacting your Supplies Wholesalers sales rep and letting them know why the customer has requested a return. They will get RMA information to you.

Authorize the Return

Go ahead and authorize the return in Amazon, and communicate to the customer the address for the return, and ask them to include the RMA#. Let them know their refund will be processed as soon as you receive the return.

Once we receive the return, we’ll process the refund on our end and let you know.

Process the Refund

Once you hear from us that we received the return, log into your Seller Central account and process the refund.