5 Tips To Help You Navigate the New SW E-Commerce Storefront

We are excited to share our new E-Commerce Storefront with our valued customers. This new E-Commerce platform features enhanced functionality and capabilities compared to our previous E-Commerce portal. We understand this change may raise some questions, and we want to make this adjustment as pain-free as possible.

Here are 5 tips to help you adapt to the new Supplies Wholesalers E-Commerce Storefront:

1. Update Your Password

Once you have logged into the E-Commerce platform, you can assign a new custom password by clicking “Edit Account” on the right sidebar of the homepage under the “My Account” menu. There, you can enter your current temporary password along with the new permanent password of your choice.

Edit Account

Edit Account Detail


2. Quick Item Search

During our recent upgrade, we updated/changed our part numbers. Have no fear, the Quick Item Search feature on the Storefront will help you find that new part number when you enter the previous part number or even the short product model.
Quick Search

Enter product number or model number in search field:
Quick Search Product

See the results:


3. Warehouse (Switching Warehouse)

Your account will have a default warehouse from which you will be viewing and selecting products and inventory for online orders. You can switch your warehouse for viewing and selecting products for your orders by clicking “Select Ship From Warehouses” on the right sidebar.
Select Warehouse

Click the location you would like to make your “Ship From Warehouse.”

Instantly, your new “Ship From Warehouse” location is active.


4. Viewing Product Inventory in Other Warehouses

If the product you are searching for has limited inventory in your selected “Ship From Warehouse”, the item could still be available in other warehouses. You can view inventory availability from the Item Detail page.
Item Detail


5. Search Using Our Machine/Model Lookup

Sometimes you may not have the part number for the supply you need, so we’ve made it easy for you to find the supply you’re looking for with the Machine/Model lookup function. We’ll find your supply based on a simple search by Manufacturer, Product Type, and Model.
Machine Search

Drill down to locate your product by Machine Manufacturer, then Machine Type, and finally, by Machine Model Number:


See the results:

If you have any questions or need additional assistance when using this new E-Commerce site, please reach out to your Supplies Wholesalers Account Manager or Customer Service.

Thank You,

Supplies Wholesalers Management

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