Article Spotlight: “Infringing Cartridges Still Pose a Clear and Present Danger to the Consumables Market”

At Supplies Wholesalers, we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality new-build compatible cartridges. We choose only the best manufacturing partners, ensuring all our IP-safe products perform at or above OEM specifications.

In our industry, however, there are plenty of third-party suppliers who don’t have the same high standards and commitment to responsible manufacturing and distribution.

In one of its latest white papers, Actionable Intelligence outlines the contrast between products in the printing supplies market and takes an in-depth look at how low-quality after-market suppliers negatively impact premium distributors, customers, and the environment.

It’s an interesting and sobering look at the dark side of our industry, and why you can have piece of mind in choosing SW, who insists on the highest quality IP-safe products from its manufacturing partners, for your print supplies needs.


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