A Message To Our Valued Partners

To Our Valued Partners:

First and foremost, we at Supplies Wholesalers greatly appreciate your partnership. During this challenging year, we have worked diligently to ensure your business needs have been met. Though we experienced specific product challenges earlier this year, we believe our stock position has returned to the levels you expect and believe 2023 will be a successful year and one where we can both grow together.

Freight challenges continue to play a significant role in our go-to-market strategies. As many businesses have not completely returned to the office, and the “work from home” paradigm is still in effect, our primary carriers (UPS and FedEx) are facing the brunt of increased shipments to home offices. Additionally, to due substantial growth in e-commerce and online fulfillment by consumers, box counts with these carriers are at some of their highest levels.

These facts influence our business in several ways. Shipments can be delayed as these carriers struggle to meet “time in transit” obligations. Freight costs are increasing as carriers react to these new market conditions. An increase in residential deliveries adds another layer of complexity to the freight cost structure. At Supplies Wholesalers, we have always sought to work with our partners to provide competitive freight rates, which includes Ontrac and USPS. Our Primary goal is to provide economical logistics solutions for our dealers.

Starting January 9th, 2023, we will be adjusting our freight programs slightly, while still being as competitive as we have been. These changes in rates will be announced the week of January 3rd. Please know we are taking all steps possible to minimize the long-term effects of freight increases to our dealer partners.

Thank you for your partnership and know that your business is greatly appreciated.

Wishing you all a successful 2023!

Mike Donahue

Vice President Sales & Operations, Supplies Wholesalers.

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