Setting Up the Amazon Nationwide Prime Template

In response to changes to Amazon’s Prime Delivery requirements, there are a few changes you should be making to your Seller Central account to continue to maximize your success in the Marketplace.


We’re going to start with making sure you have a Nationwide Prime template, and that the settings on the template are correct.

Adding Warehouse Locations

    1. Start by logging into your Seller Central account and then go to SETTINGS -> SHIPPING SETTINGS.
    2. On the left side of the screen, click GENERAL SETTINGS.

    1. You should see the address of our Sparks Warehouse in your settings already. We’re going to add the Memphis and Lewisberry addresses as well. Click ADD A NEW ADDRESS.

    1. Label the first “TN WAREHOUSE”. The address is: 3892 Delp St, Memphis, TN 38118
    2. Label the second “PA WAREHOUSE”. The address is: 505 Industrial Dr, Lewisberry, PA 17339
    3. Use your phone number and email address for each address.
    4. Click SAVE after each address.

    1. After you have added the last address, click SAVE to return to SHIPPING SETTINGS, then click SHIPPING TEMPLATES in the upper left.

Activating Regional Automation

    • IF YOU DON’T HAVE A TEMPLATE CALLED “Nationwide Prime”, click CREATE NEW SHIPPING TEMPLATE. When prompted, make sure “Create a New Shipping Template” is selected and click OK.

  • IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A TEMPLATE CALLED “Nationwide Prime”, select it from the list on the left, and click EDIT TEMPLATE.

    1. Make sure your template is called “Nationwide Prime” – THIS IS VITAL as our system will be looking for that template when activating Prime-eligible products. Move down to SHIPPING REGION AUTOMATION and turn it on.

    1. On SHIP-TO LOCATION, activate all three of our warehouse locations, then click NEXT.

    1. On FULFILLMENT TYPE PREFERENCES, you need to select the possible shipping options available for Prime shipping. Supplies Wholesalers will ship using UPS Ground, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air. Check those three boxes, then click NEXT.

  1. For SHIPPING OPTIONS, we need to try and optimize our delivery promises so we meet Amazon’s requirement without costing you too much money in shipping.

    • Under TWO-DAY DELIVERY, make sure UPS Ground and UPS 2nd Day Air are select. For UPS Ground, select ZONE 4. For UPS 2nd Day Air, select ZONE 6.
    • Under ONE-DAY DELIVERY, select *only* UPS Ground at this time, and select ZONE 2. While UPS Next Day Air may need to be added as we collect additional data, adding Next Day Air service increases the chance that your shipping costs will increase significantly.
  2. After you’ve made these changes, click CONFIRM. This will take you back to the SHIPPING TEMPLATE.

Final Template Changes

While most of this template is now being handled by Amazon, there are several changes we’ll need to make.

  1. First, make sure SAME DAY handling time is selected.
  2. Second, go through all the DOMESTIC SHIPPING methods (Standard, Two-Day, One-Day) and turn off all PO Box shipping.
  3. After you’ve made these changes, click SAVE.

Order Fulfillment Settings

Now that we have the template set up, we need to give Amazon some additional information on how we’re going to fulfill orders.

    1. Let’s go back to GENERAL SHIPPING SETTINGS, in the upper left, and then click EDIT under ORDER FULFILLMENT SETTINGS. Now- the first time you visit here, you may get presented with a tutorial. To exit the tutorial, simply click SAVE in the upper righthand corner. This will take you back to the GENERAL SHIPPING SETTINGS screen, and you’ll need to click EDIT under ORDER FULFILLMENT settings again.

    1. First, enable Saturday Operation, then scroll down to WEEKEND OPERATION SETTINGS and click the ENABLE WEEKEND OPERATIONS button.

    1. This will open up the Weekend Operations settings. Make sure under WEEKEND OPERATION SETTINGS you have “Prime Offers Only” selected, then uncheck the Sunday box (since we only operate on Saturday) and click SAVE.

That’s it- you’ve completed the new Nationwide Prime template setup!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us for further information.

Chris Matthews
866.817.8795 x207 – schedule time for a teleconference

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