Supplies Wholesalers Now A Part Of The Arlington/Carolina Wholesale Group

It is with much excitement we are announcing Supplies Wholesalers and CWG International, a subsidiary of Carolina Wholesale Group, parent company of ARLINGTON, are joining forces to increase the size of their distribution network of imaging supplies and business machines.  Supplies Wholesalers is teaming up with the premier brand of ARLINGTON to share our collective talents and resources to strengthen our offering for each of our customers.

This new partnership will allow Supplies Wholesalers’ resellers access to additional products across a soon-to-be expanded network of distribution centers.  This expanded offering of solutions, services, and products to you, our valued customer, will only enhance the value you find in Supplies Wholesalers as your distributor of choice.

In the coming weeks you will begin to see more details about how this new partnership will help your business.  Until then, please know that your account executive and business with Supplies Wholesalers will continue as normal with little or no noticeable change.

Larry Huneycutt, CWG International’s President, is working together with the Supplies Wholesalers team to provide new opportunities for you in the very near future.  We appreciate your loyalty and are excited about our potential and success together.

Larry Huneycutt

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